Eric Bertin



Dr. Eric Bertin
Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire de Physique (LIPhy)
Université Grenoble Alpes
Pôle Phitem
CS 40 700
38058 Grenoble cedex 9, France (postal address)

Phone: +33 476 51 47 51
Fax: +33 476 51 45 44
E-mail: eric.bertin_(at)


Research interests

  • Statistical physics of steady-state non-equilibrium systems
    Influence of dissipation, effective temperature and chemical potential, fluctuations of global observables

  • Collective phenomena in complex systems
    Self-propelled particles, active matter, social models

  • Non-stationary dynamics
    Aging phenomemon, trap models, on-off intermittency

  • Sum and extreme value statistics
    Global fluctuations in non-equilibrium systems, renormalization group approaches

  • More detailed description


    Ph.D students

    • Tristan Jocteur (co-supervised with Romain Mari): thesis on the characterization of transitions to absorbing states in soft matter (2022-2025)
    • Laura Guislain: thesis on nonequilibrium phase transitions with the emergence of a limit cycle (2021-2024)

    Former Ph.D students and postdocs

    • Nicolas Cuny (co-supervised with Romain Mari): thesis on the statistical physics modeling of dense suspensions of soft particles under shear (2018-2021)
    • Magali Le Goff (co-supervised with Kirsten Martens): thesis on the physical modeling of biological tissues using elastoplastic models (2017-2021)
    • Jules Guioth: thesis on the notion of chemical potential in stationary non-equilibrium systems (2015-2018)
    • Florian Angeletti (co-supervised with P. Abry): thesis at ENS Lyon on statistical physics and signal processing (thesis 2009-2012, postdoc 2012-2013)
    • Rémi Lemoy (Agrégé-Préparateur ENSL): research projects on the statistical physics of complex systems (2011-2012)
    • Guillaume Chevereau (Agrégé-Préparateur ENSL): research project on the dynamics of competing stores (2010-2011)

    Main other collaborators