My research is aimed at understanding the non-linear dynamics of systems ranging from small triatomic molecules to large biological molecules and macroscopic systems like the traps of carnivorous plants, which have a lot of energy in their various degrees of freedom. To this end, I develop and use theoretical approaches and numerical algorithms, both in the framework of quantum mechanics and of classical or semi-classical mechanics.
Current and past hot topics include :
Puce The ultrafast movements of carnivorous plants
Puce DNA/protein interactions
Puce Melting dynamics of DNA
Puce Beyond the Born-Oppenheimer approximation : dynamics on several coupled potential energy surfaces (NO2, ...)
Puce Characterization of monodromy in real quantum systems (HCN, LiNC, CO2, ...)
Puce Bifurcation of periodic orbits versus birth of new quantum modes in highly excited vibrational dynamics (HCP, DCP, HOCl, HOBr, O3, ...)
Puce Methodology : development of Canonical Perturbation Theory
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